Tech Rider



Booking: Reztanroc Entertainment

Tech Rider

Dave Russell

Technical rider


1st choice: Beta 87 or 58 wireless mic (or beta 87, 58 wired)
Boom stand for vocals

Direct Inject (DI) box for guitar

20 ft, guitar cable

Guitar Stand

Guitar Rig

1. VOX AC30
2nd Choice: Fender Twin Reverb
3rd Choice: Fender Blues DeVille

Guitar Stand

Bass Rig

1. GK 400 bass head with a 1 x 15 speaker cabinet
2nd Choice: Ampeg 500 bass head 1 x 15 speaker cabinet.
3rd Choice: Genz Benz GBE1200 amp w/Genz Benz 6x10 XB speaker cabinet

Guitar Stand


(Preferences DW, or Pearl Masters Custom. Must be name brand for substitution)
(1) 14” snare drum and spare
(1) 12” rack tom
(1)16” floor tom
(1) 22” Bass drum
(1) snare stand
(1) padded throne
(1) Hi Hat stand
(1) set of Hi Hat cymbals 14” Zildgian A series
(3) cymbal boom stands
(1) Zildgian A series Crash 16”
(1) Zildgian A series Crash 18”
1) Zildgian A series ride 20”
(1) Zildgian K series med custom ride 20”

Guitar #2 Rig (if Requested)

Fender Twin Reverb
2nd Choice: Vox AC30
3rd Choice: Any other comparable clean amp (combo or head w/2x12 cab)
Tuner (Boss) or comparable style/quality
Guitar Stand (3 in one preferred) or 3 single

Steel Guitar Rig (if Requested)

(1) Peavey Nashville 1000
2nd Choice Fender Steel King
3rd Choice Fender Twin Reverb Re-Issue
(1) Seat / Piano (Bench type is fine)

Keyboard Rig (if Requested)

(1) Triton Pro keyboard w/ sustain pedal
2nd Choice Nord Stage EX w/ sustain pedal
3rd Choice Alesis QS8 w/ sustain pedal
(1) Keyboard amp (Roland KC550 or equal)
(1) Single tier keyboard stand (tabletop style preferred)


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